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Dongguan Xiong Hao electronic technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in R & D, production and sales of electronic components such as switches and sockets. The enterprise spirit of "heavy quality, trustworthy" of the Xiong Hao electronic department, closely followed the international advanced technology to focus on independent research and development products: multi-function switch, touch switch, detection switch, switch, slide switch, light switch, button switch, microswitch, headset socket, DC socket, connector and so on. Advanced automation manufacturing equipment and automatic testing equipment, as well as the research and development and quality control center composed of professional engineers at home and abroad, with high quality staff, scientific management methods and ISO9001 quality management system, ensure that we win customers with excellent quality, good service and competitive price. Trust!

Xiong Hao Electronics has a number of modern, technical, good management of high-quality managers, and has a high quality technical team engaged in the research and development of switched sockets for many years, from the design, development to production, quality shipment, and so on, all have strict control. The quality of the product is meticulous.The technical leader has the international advanced technology level, has the ability to continuously innovate and develop the existing product technology, and ensures that our product has the high technical level and advanced nature with the world.

In line with the management policy of "professional production, scale sales and perfect service", the company will mainly develop high-tech electronic components facing the twenty-first Century market, and continue to launch more new products, form the scale, reduce the cost, set up a brand new information electronic component brand, set up a perfect sales network and after-sale service within the whole country. Business.

Our products are widely used in home appliances, computer peripheral, telecommunications, automobile, electric toys, digital products, OA office equipment, network equipment and other fields, and can provide customized service products design and development with customers. It